Manufacturing of nano-engineered III-N semiconductors

A UK-funded research project

EPSRC grant: EP/M015181/1
Manufacturing of nano-engineered III-nitride semi-conductors

We aim to develop advanced fabrication processes for Gallium Nitride (GaN) and related materials (AlN and InN) for the 21st Century manufacturing industries.
The III-Nitrides are functional materials that underpin the emerging global solid state lighting and power electronics industries. But their properties enable far wider applications: sensing by photonic, electronic and piezoelectric effects and in non-linear optics. Many applications of these functions are enhanced, even enabled by creating three dimensional nanostructures.
Therefore we aim to develop nanostructuring processes on a manufacturing scale to unlock the potential of these properties of the III-Nitride semiconductors in a range of innovative materials and devices.

  • Nanofabrication

    featuring nanoimprint lithography and displacement Talbot lithography for sub-micron patterning

  • Epitaxial growth

    via Metal Organic Vapour Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE)

  • Advanced characterisation

    via high-resolution electron-beam-based characterisation techniques

  • Modelling

    of nanophotonic devices and design centering


A team of academics from four UK universities working with industry and international collaborators
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Philip Shields

University of Bath (Project Lead)
Dr Philip Shields,
Lecturer in Electronic Engineering

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Tao Wang

University of Sheffield
Professor Tao Wang,
Professor of Advanced Optoelectronics

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Robert Martin

University of Strathclyde
Professor Robert Martin ,
Professor of Physics

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Martin Cryan

University of Bristol
Professor Martin Cryan,
Professor of Applied Electromagnetics and Photonics

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Duncan Allsopp

University of Bath
Dr Duncan Allsopp,
Reader in Electronic Engineering

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Carol Trager Cowan

University of Strathclyde

Andrei Sarua

University of Bristol


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